Bullet Points

Airfoil Generators Bullet Points

  • Uses proven and reliable tech to gain outstanding results

Utilizing Bernoulli’s principles in new ways, the Airfoil Generator can extract more power from the wind than other generators in its size and class.

Our Airfoil accelerates the wind before pulling the energy from it.  In tests, a 10 MPH breeze became an 18 MPH wind at the turbine. 

The faster the velocity of the wind, the more energy it contains. When wind velocity doubles, the energy available is increased eight times!

  • Makes more power more often

Especially good at making power in the most frequent wind speeds, between 5 and 18 MPH

  • Power where you need it

More compact than Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines, and lower noise levels mean it can be placed closer to residential areas.

Can be configured for on-grid or off-grid use. Ideal for rural locations and farms.

  • Much Less turbulence created

Turbulence makes noise, and our design makes less turbulence. 

Less turbulence in the wake behind the airfoil generator also means that, should you want to install several of them, they do not need to be as far apart as other types of generators. 

  • Designed to Reduce Torque Surge

The helical rotor and the airfoil both contribute to a smoother rotation, helping parts last longer.

  • Points into the wind naturally

No yaw system is required, which lowers cost and complexity.

  • Self-Starting

No starter system required. Lower complexity means lower purchase and maintenance costs.

  • Protection from High Wind Damage

An air brake is designed in to slow or even stop the rotor in the event of damaging winds.

The airfoil is naturally aerodynamic and reduces loads upon the tower.

  • Modular design

Designed in 4’ x 18’ sections. Easier to transport, erect, and service.

  • Scalable

Another section can be added on-site to make the airfoil generator taller and more powerful if needed. 

  • A Green Design with Low Environmental Impact

Longer blade life compared to other designs.

Designed with an emphasis on lower cost of ownership.  

  • Affordable licensing

Priced to encourage development and investment.

  • Over 800 CAD and CFD files available

Years of virtual testing and optimization have already been done.

These designs are tested and ready to be built!

  • Simple construction

 Can be built with commonly available materials and regular assembly techniques.

An initial assembly outline is provided using the Bill of Materials we provide.