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Our goal is to help reduce the climate crisis by getting this innovative and efficient wind generator out into the fields where it can help generate electricity close to where it is needed for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers.

We have made our licenses affordable so that many manufacturers can make and market them to green-minded consumers.  Three years of computer-aided design and testing have shown it has great potential, and we are excited to take the next step; building a working prototype and submitting it for certification to the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC).

SWCC StampYour dollars, in any amount, will help. The SWCC’s certification will go a long way to help interested parties buy their airfoil generator with the confidence it actually will do what we say it does.

Please help us push this promising tech forward. Development and certification is expensive and we need your contribution.

Your donation is completely safe. It will travel through a secure portal at, the leader in advancing Renewable Energy and Green Tech through crowdfunding.

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 REBATE AVAILABLE: Our way to say “thanks” for your donation is to help you buy the generator you want when they become available. For every donation of $10,000, you will automatically be entered in our system as eligible for a $2,000 rebate. The rebate will be in the form of a check direct from us to you. To get your rebate you will only have to show your paid receipt that you bought an airfoil generator from one of our licensees, and a picture of your  airfoil generator installation. Some terms apply. See below.


This is a rebate from Mankind Designs LLC (the parent company of (Airfoil Generators) direct to the purchaser of the airfoil generator. To get the rebate you must send us a copy of your paid receipt for the purchase from one of our licensees, and a photograph of it installed. We must have permission to reprint and/or display that photograph in our marketing materials if we choose to.  Limit one rebate per customer. Rebate expires 5 years from date of donation.

Send your PAID receipt and photograph to: Mankind Designs LLC    604 E Maple St, Horicon, WI  53032