Licensing Information


Why we are Licensing the Design, Instead of Manufacturing Them

There are the reasons why we have decided to license this design, rather than manufacture it ourselves:

We feel it’s time to hand it off to experts in manufacturing: The primary design of this airfoil generator is finished and patented. It has been tested more than 300 times in various computers simulations in many different locations. The next step in the production of this generator requires a different mindset than the ones that thought this up. It needs manufacturing expertise and solid engineering to bring it to fruition.

We would like to see multiple variants, not just one:  As this product moves forward, some decisions will need to be made about how to resolve various challenges. For example, how to connect the rotor to the generator, what mechanism or method to use to deploy the air brake, and others.  If we were to manufacture this ourselves, there would only be one design of it in the field, and we believe that competition brings out the best products and solutions. If we build it, you have only one example. But if we license it – the world benefits from multiple variations to choose from. Natural competition between the manufacturers will lead to better products and lower prices, as well as providing the consumer with multiple purchase options.

Time is of the essence: We feel the time to act to help reduce emissions on this planet has never been more critical. And we believe that this mid-sized generator can have an impact, but only if it is deployed in enough numbers. We won’t be building these airfoil generators ourselves, but instead, we will be selling licenses so that they can be built by as many manufacturers as possible. This should get more units in the field to help with the advance of green technology in less time.