Modular & Scalable

 Modular and Scalable

 Our Airfoil Generators have unique features that will lower your costs of installation and maintenance, and even help if your site isn’t as windy as you thought it was.  Let’s look at them separately:

If you have been looking at the costs of installing of a mid-sized Wind Powered Generator (WPG) for a while, then no doubt you have scratched your head about how to transport it to you, the costs of that transportation, and the costs of on-site assembly and putting up your WPG.

Airfoil Generators’ design is modular, meaning it comes in sections. Each section is just 4’ high and 18’ long, so it can be hauled on standard trucks and carried by just two or three persons. That makes getting it up to the site easy (remember, many of the best sites for generators are atop hills).

Other benefits to this design include ease of assembly and maintenance at the site, and the ability to replace just a section – not the whole thing – should damage ever occur to it.  If you chose a kneeling-type tower (recommended), then not only will you not need to rent a crane to put it up, but you can bring the WPG down to ground level for comfortable and safe maintenance when required.

All of this reduces your cost of ownership and simplifies your installation!

Here is an all-to-common scenario for the typical WPG owner; they select a generator based on the output they desire and the site they have. After installation, however, they find the generator is under-performing, and their research into this points to the fact that their site was not as windy as they thought.

With other brands, their choices are 1) put up with lower-than-desired output, or 2) sell off the small generator and buy a bigger one, or 3) move the whole thing to a better location.  All these solutions are expensive in their own way.

However, with our scalable solution, you could just add another 4’ section on to your current 12’ tall generator, making it 16’ tall and increasing its output by 25%!*  And because now it’s taller, it’s also higher, so it now reaches up into less turbulent and more reliable winds.

This solution is engineered-in our Airfoil Generator design.

*Before adding another section, you must be certain that the tower and the foundation are strong enough to handle the increase in wind loads that the higher generator will have.