What’s been Done for you,
and What Needs to be Done by You

So far, we have already identified:

      • Optimum aerodynamic design of the airfoil for this application.
      • Best location for the rotor/turbine within the airfoil.
      • Best size for the rotor.
      • Optimum number of blades on the rotor.
      • The helix for the rotor has been tested and the optimum helix determined.
      • Initial materials for the airfoil and rotor/turbine have been chosen.

We’ve created:

      • A Bill of Materials (BOM) has been made based on that strategy.
      • A recommended assembly outline for that BOM has been made.
      • Patents have been applied for and granted with other patents currently pending.
      • CAD files have been organized into categories to better access what you need faster.
      • CFD files have been sorted into projects, so you can access previous tests and the results of those tests for most design features or topics.

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Start by deciding whether you want to build just one Airfoil Generator as a DIY project or build a number of them and sell/install them. Licenses are available for each.

If you purchase a license, we will provide you with the CAD files that you need, the CFD files for your project, an outline of our assembly concept and the Bill of Materials for that concept.

Then you will need to:

      • decide whether you want your generator to be on-grid or off-grid and plan for that.
      • adopt our suggested material selections for various parts or come up with your own.
      • make your own decisions regarding fasteners and adhesives to hold it together.
      • agree to use our idea for making the turbine/rotor or come up with your own.
      • decide whether to activate the air brake flaps hydraulically or mechanically and how you will trigger their opening and closing.
      • assemble the parts once they have been made.
      • select and purchase the best generator or alternator for your application.
      • decide whether to attach the generator as a direct-drive unit, or run it through a gearbox.
      • select a tower type and height, as well as the best site for your Airfoil Generator.
      • And finally, you will have to connect it to the on-grid or off-grid system as you like.

We’re here to help wherever we can by answering your materials or construction questions.

Email your questions to:  info@airfoilgen.com

Or call:  920-389-5552

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